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'ThingamaBob' premieres Saturday, January 18 on H2

Bob Partington host of ThingamaBob on H2
Bob Partington host of ThingamaBob on H2

On Saturday night, January 18, Brooklyn-based inventor Bob Partington, whose Twitter bio reads; “artist, builder, architect, and all-around mad scientist. The Hollywood Reporter called me a renowned inventor once, so that was nice.” Well, this well-rounded guy will have his own show for all to see and be amazed called ThingamaBob on History Channel’s H2.

On each show, he will receive a box containing three inventions from the past and must use each item in a new way by creating an innovative and functional item. In the end of each episode, the show will reveal how these seemingly non-related objects actually all relate to a specific historical person or event.

Bob is fun to watch, is a tad on the eccentric side; however, inventors have to be over-the-top in their thinking, or this world would be a boring place. In the first episode, he receives three items; a ship’s helm, a brayer, which is a roller that was used in printing and a pair of suspenders. You won’t believe what he makes from these three items, so tune in on Saturday, or at least set your DVR to catch the premiere episode of ThingamaBob, you’ll be glad you did.

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