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'ThingamaBob' premiere invents a ‘Pizza Guillotine’ on H2

Tonight’s premiere episode of ThingamaBob starred Brooklyn-based inventor Bob Partington, whose Twitter bio reads; “artist, builder, architect, and all-around mad scientist. The Hollywood Reporter called me a renowned inventor once, so that was nice.” Well, this well-rounded guy will have his own show for all to see and be amazed called ThingamaBob on History Channel’s H2. Tonight’s first episode was titled “Pizza Guillotine.”

Bob Partington host of ThingamaBob on H2

Bob received his first box containing, a ship’s helm, a printer brayer and a pair of suspenders. He and his team will do their best to reconfigure the items into three more useful items.

As Bob took the helm to the streets, he asked plenty of people what they would make out of it. He got different answers, but mostly blank stares. When he saw a long line of people, he asked what they were waiting for and the answer was pizza. Then a creative guy in the line, told him he could use it to cut pizza, like a guillotine. So he went inside Grimaldi’s and asked if he could make them an invention to help in their business. When a woman named Gina agreed, Bob got to work, provided he was done by the dinner rush. As the lunch crowds were curious as to the sound of power tools, he continued making his invention. When the finished product was completed, Gina brought him a pizza for the maiden voyage of the ship’s helm; now a guillotine. Sure enough, the invention worked and cut eight perfect slices. Good job, Bob!

The next item was the brayer, and as Bob wandered into Bierkraft, a shop that has at least 1,000 different beers. So Bob concocted a mechanism from two brayers to cool off a warm can of beer. The owner, Matt, also a bit of an inventor, who built much of the interior of the shop, found several items to help build the cooler, including a can of air used for cleaning electronics. His invention worked, and the skeptics loved it.

Next item, was a pair of suspenders that he decided to make a phone charger that a person could wear, and as they walked, it would charge their cell phone. Using fishing line, the suspenders and two mechanisms from toy trucks, he could harness the power of something done all the time, like walking to do something very useful.

The connection of the three items was related to writer Mark Twain. The printer brayer was because of his first job as an apprentice to a printer, the suspenders were a patent for an improvement of this item, and his pen name was a nautical term meaning two fathoms of death on this episode of ThingamaBob.

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