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'ThingamaBob' invents ‘Chair Pants’ on H2

Bob Partington inventor and host of ThingamaBob on H2
Bob Partington inventor and host of ThingamaBob on H2

Saturday night’s second episode of ThingamaBob was titled “Chair Pants.” It stars zany Brooklyn-based inventor Bob Partington, who now has his own show for all to be pleasantly surprised by his wit and creativity on History Channel’s H2.

Each episode, Bob receives a box containing three items. He and his team will do their best to reconfigure the items into three more useful items. As Bob redoes these items, fans will try to figure how the three items are related to a person or event of historical significance.

When Bob received this box, another big one, that contained an Electric Hot Dog Roller, used in food shops, a pair of Levis and a Balance Scale like the scales of justice. Bob stated that as soon as he sees something in the boxes, he immediately thinks of shooting something. So why not a hot dog shooter? One of Bob’s fondest memories was going to baseball games with his father, and the hot dog sellers would sometimes throw them at customers in the stands. So Bob wants to give them something they will never forget.

On the test run, the hot dogs were pulverized, so back to the drawing board. It took a lot of creativity and knowledge to make the hotdogs arrive at their destination intact. So Bob went to the New Britain Baseball Stadium in nearby Connecticut to try it out. His friend, Jeff, who does publicity for the New Britain Rock Cats, welcomed Bob and hoped his invention worked. Bob met with a vendor, who has to stand on his feet all day, and Bob decided to make him something using the Levis, called Chair Pants, because his mind never stops inventing. He found a broken cooler he could use as the seat, and a broken tent that was thrown in a trash can. Curious passersby watched and asked Bob what he was doing. When they were finished, Steve, the vendor got to try them out, and he had an instant seat whenever he got a chance to sit and relax.

When Bob unveiled his Hot Dog Cross Bow, the fans were equipped with buns and waited to catch the hotdogs just like a fly ball coming to the stands at the delight of the attendees.

For the scales, he knew when he arrived in the shop, he could put his keys down on one side, and it would trigger a mechanism to turn on the shop lights and present him with his lab coat. So now he created three items, and the last one was a Lab Coat Presenter.

All three items were related to the California Gold Rush, where Levi Strauss, who made the denim used for tents and other items, designed jeans for the miners to wear, which were comfortable and durable. The Hot Dog Roller represented how the founder of Armour hot dogs made much of his money to finance his operation that grew into an empire. The scales, of course, were used to weigh the gold as related on this episode of ThingamaBob.

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