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'ThingamaBob' invents a ‘Violin Doorbell’ on H2

Last night’s first episode of ThingamaBob was titled “Violin Doorbell.” It stars zany Brooklyn-based inventor Bob Partington, who now has his own show for all to be pleasantly surprised by his wit and creativity on History Channel’s H2.

Bob Partington inventor and host of ThingamaBob on H2

On each episode, Bob receives a box containing three items. He and his team will do their best to reconfigure the items into three more useful items. As Bob redoes these items, fans will try to figure how the three items are related to a person or event of historical significance.

When Bob received this box, it contained a Bunsen Burner, a Violin and a Compass. So Bob took to the streets of Brooklyn to see if people could give him suggestions for the Bunsen Burner. Even kids had suggestions for Bob, but as it started to rain, he took refuge in Bamonte’s Italian Restaurant. The bartender could not think of anything, but sent him to see the waiter, Ramon. He had a small instrument called a crumber, that he uses to sweep the crumbs from tablecloths, while people are eating. So Bob will attempt to invent something using the Bunsen Burner to help Ramon by making his job easier.

So Bob proposed his idea to his design team, and they came up with an automatic crumber that attached to Ramon’s arm. At first, it did not work, but by taking the magnet out of the compass he received, he made a contraption that worked perfectly; the Quick Draw Crumber.

Now he needs to use the violin, and the box will be complete. It was a beautiful instrument, and he did not want to compromise its integrity. So he went to Scott Russ Music, and spoke to Scott. They are in the process of moving and would like something that welcomes people when they come in the shop. So Bob came up with a “Violin Doorbell.”

After working on the project, they tested it and then he and Jeremy delivered and installed it, and it worked properly and when people entered the shop, it played a welcoming tune.

All three of the items were related to the inventions of Albert Einstein, on this episode of ThingamaBob.

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