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'ThingamaBob' invents a ‘Tuba Keg’ on H2

Bob Partington inventor and host of ThingamaBob on H2
Bob Partington inventor and host of ThingamaBob on H2

Last night’s first episode of ThingamaBob was titled “Tuba Keg.” It stars zany Brooklyn-based inventor Bob Partington, who now has his own show for all to be amazed on History Channel’s H2.

Each episode, Bob receives a box containing three items. He and his team will do their best to reconfigure the items into three more useful items. As Bob redoes these items, fans will try to figure how the three items are related to a person or event of historical significance.

When Bob received the box, it took his entire group to lift it. It contained a tuba, a waffle cone and a wall plug. So Bob went down the street with the tuba to ask people if they had any ideas what he could do with it. One guy on his way to work in a beer garden, said he could use it to make beer happen. So he visited the guy who gave him the suggestion, and told him he would make the tuba keg.

Back at the shop, he went to the drawing board to show his crew what he predicted the tuba keg would be. They only had three hours to do this before happy hour was over at the local Biergarten. Sure enough, he made it on time, and proudly served beers to a few people, then he bestowed the tuba keg to the guy who gave him the idea and left to make the next project.

Now he had a waffle cone and went to the street to ask for suggestions. He went to see Maria at Fortunato Brothers in Brooklyn, to invent something using the cone. This time he stayed in the bakery, that also serves gelato. He put two scoops together, to invent a double scooper to do two cones at once.

The last item was a wire with a plug at the end, sort of like one that would be attached to a lamp. When Bob returned to the shop, one of his tools was not hanging on the hook. His assistant told him that he had to walk back and forth too many times and was conserving time. So now they are constructing a canon that will shoot the tools at the workers, using the plug to electrify the canon. He had two different receptacles, one for Beau & Scott and the other for Jeremy, depending on who needed a tool. The first attempt was a bit off kilter, so he adjusted the trajectory, called it the Wall-Plug-Tool-a-Pult and had fun shooting tools at a makeshift large stuffed bag with a face drawn on it on this episode of ThingamaBob. By the way, all these items were introduced at the 1904 World's Fair.

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