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'ThingamaBob' invents a ‘Paper Airplane Catapult’ on H2

Last night’s second episode of ThingamaBob was titled “Paper Airplane Catapult.” It stars zany Brooklyn-based inventor Bob Partington, who now has his own show for all to be amazed on History Channel’s H2.

Bob Partington host of ThingamaBob on H2

Each episode, Bob receives a box containing three items. He and his team will do their best to reconfigure the items into three more useful items. As Bob redoes these items, fans will try to figure how the three items are related to a person or event of historical significance.

As Bob received the box, it contained inner tubes, a toy whirlybird and a roll of coins. He left his team behind and went out on the streets of Brooklyn, N.Y. to see if people could give him ideas of what to do with the parts. When he walked into Jay & Lloyd’s Kosher Deli, and met the owners, one who was wearing an “I Love Pickles” tee shirt. Bob got the idea to create a pickle slicer out of the toy whirlybird. Because they are close to Coney Island, Bob and his crew are making a contraption resembling amusement park rides to fashion the pickle slicer. Back at the deli, Bob assembled his pickle roller coaster as customers and the owners were curious. When Bob gave it the maiden voyage, the machine went into motion and sliced a perfect pickle, as the crowd had a great laugh.

Next, Bob had two more items to work on, and as he asked people about the inner tubes, he got the idea from a man to go to the Intrepid, an old warship converted to a museum, to make a slingshot. On the Intrepid, he met one of the guides who relayed Bob’s wish to his superior. The man told Bob that below the deck was a catapult that was used for launching airplanes from the deck of the carrier. Now Bob will be making a huge catapult to launch a gigantic paper airplane. So the crew got to work constructing the catapult and the airplane. The next day, the four-man crew had to all be present at the launch and complete the assembly of the catapult. The first paper airplane looked great until it fell in the water. Bob then took the roll of coins and used them for a bit more weight to make the plane more aerodynamic. The second time, it was right on target and landed safely on land. Great job!

The three items were related to the Wright Brothers. They ran a bicycle shop that funded their experiments, as boys, they received the toy helicopter that gave them a lifelong curiosity for flight and flipped a coin to see who would make their historic journey as related on this episode of ThingamaBob.

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