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'ThingamaBob' invents a ‘BBQ Gun’ on H2

Bob Partington inventor and host of ThingamaBob on H2
Bob Partington inventor and host of ThingamaBob on H2

Last night’s first episode of ThingamaBob was titled “BBQ Gun.” It stars zany Brooklyn-based inventor Bob Partington, who now has his own show for all to be pleasantly surprised by his wit and creativity on History Channel’s H2.

On each episode, Bob receives a box containing three items. He and his team will do their best to reconfigure the items into three more useful items. As Bob redoes these items, fans will try to figure how the three items are related to a person or event of historical significance.

When Bob received this box, it contained a jug of barbeque sauce, a block and tackle and cigars. How these three items are related is a mystery, but soon viewers will find out.

He took the cigars to the street, and asked people if they could give him ideas of what he could do to create an invention around these cigars. So he went to the Blew Smoke Cigar Room and met with the owner, Gloria. She had him try a cigar, but as a novice, it was new to him, and he was not exactly sure how to handle the experience. She told him that most novices cough like he did. So she helped him come up with the idea of a machine that would cut, light and puff the cigar for a novice.

So back at the shop, Bob and his crew got busy designing something to handle the job. Using elements from a toaster to light the cigar, and the inflation parts from an air mattress, he made a machine that cut, lit and started a cigar. He brought it to the cigar shop to try it out. Sure enough, it did the trick, and now Gloria has a new addition to her shop.

Bob went to a barbeque joint next and spoke to the owner. As they spoke, Bob got the idea to shoot pulled pork through barbeque sauce to add the sauce. When the gun was ready for its first shot, Bob had volunteers from the customers. Rather than let a customer try it first; the owner got to wear a welding mask, hold a bun and was covered in pulled pork and barbeque sauce as the crowd enjoyed the show.

Now for the block and tackle, so for this one, Bob and his crew decided to make something that would make their lives easier. This mechanism has been used on sailing ships to raise and lower the sails. So with a shop that could always use more room, they designed a pulley system to lift a table above their heads, high enough to give them extra floor space when they needed it. Voila! The mechanism worked perfectly, and the table was raised to the ceiling until they needed it.

As for the three related items, they were all related to Christopher Columbus, who discovered what would eventually become American barbeque, he introduced Europe to tobacco and could bring huge amounts of supplies back to the motherland, thanks to the block and tackle on this episode of ThingamaBob.

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