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Thin Yale student Frances Chan says she's had enough of Yale's weight obsession

Frances Chan says she doesn't have an eating disorder though Yale thinks she does
Frances Chan says she doesn't have an eating disorder though Yale thinks she does

A thin Yale student, Frances Chan, says she’s had enough of the university’s concern over her weight. Yale has put the thin 20-year-old through enough, and she’s not going to take it anymore, according to a WebProNews report on Monday.

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Yale’s concern is that Chan weighs just 92 pounds at a height of 5’ 2” – and she can’t gain weight. She put up with the school having sent her to doctors and nutritionists – and more. But when they suggested that she continue to go to a mental health counselor, she basically said that enough was enough.

Yale even threatened to kick her out of the university if she didn’t tackle her alleged weight problem.

Chan says that she’s always been thin – just as her parents and grandparents were at her age. Yet, in the past three weeks alone, she has spent ten hours at Yale Health – Yale’s student health center. Since December, she says that she has had weekly weigh-ins and urine tests, three blood tests, appointments with a mental health counselor and a nutritionist – and even an EKG was performed to test her heart, which is fine. Chan asserts that her entire body is fine and she says the problem is Yale’s problem - not a medical problem of her own.

Chan has even had two huge servings of ice cream and some cookies every day to gain weight. The result was a meager 2-pound gain. That was it.

Chan says Yale’s obsession over her weight has to do with the University doctor’s reliance on Body Mass Index (BMI) to determine what is or isn’t a healthy level of weight for a person. She finds that method of madness to be totally wrong.

She maintains that she doesn’t have an eating disorder or any other mental, physical, or health problems.

Her last statement said that she was scheduled to have a mental health appointment and a weigh-in this past Friday – but she refused to go. She says there will be no more weigh-ins, no more blood draws. She says that she doesn’t have an eating disorder – and, furthermore, won’t allow Yale to cause her to develop one. As for kicking Chan out of the university for being thin, she says, “Let them try!”

Finally, last Friday, her new physician said that BMI wasn’t the only significant measure of proper health. The new physican believes that Chan does not have an eating disorder and that Yale has made a mistake.

Chan has now agreed to go to Yale’s health center just one time per semester. That’s it. She said she's going to get back on track with her studies and try to make up for lost time over the university's obsession with her thin frame and weight.

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