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'Thin Woman' author says you can rewire your brain to supercharge weight loss

Lose weight forever with the guide to the thin woman's brain.
Lose weight forever with the guide to the thin woman's brain.
Dilia Suriel

Diets don't work. If you want to lose weight and keep it off, you need to learn to change your lifestyle to succeed. That's the message from scientist Dilia Suriel, author of "The Thin's Woman Brain: Rewiring the Brain for Permanent Weight Loss" (click for details).

In an exclusive interview, Dilia explained what she's discovered about the brains of slender women, and why she contends that you can rewire your own brain to accelerate your weight loss.

"A naturally thin woman’s brain generates different amount of dopamine, meaning higher quantities while she is eating when contrasted with a food-obsessed brain," says Dilia.

Those who are addicted to food rather than naturally thin experience what Dilia calls "recurrent food fantasies."

Therefore, the key to weight loss is to "restore the act of eating as a physical necessity and relearn to notice when we are full."

Although naturally thin women are able to do so easily, women who are chronic dieters must learn to "restore the health of our brain so that it generates healthy amounts of dopamine."

Dilia offers these five tips to weight loss:

  • If you are food addicted, find out your level of addiction as dieting is extremely unlikely to work for you long term. In fact, it will probably plunge your brain further into food obsession. What this means is that if you continue dieting, the food addiction level will probably go from mild to medium or from medium to severe.
  • Work towards restoring brain health. Focus on ending the food obsession and re-learning how to eat non-compulsively.
  • Learn to manage the poor sleeping patterns and stress levels of modern life so that you are less likely to use food as a form of dealing with them. Both stress and a poor sleeping pattern deplete dopamine, which in turn increases our drive to overeat in an effort to restore a healthy dopamine flow.
  • Learn how to eat mindfully, which for most of us means investing in a mindful practice.

In addition, Dilia cautions against sugar and potential food allergies.

"Sugar is highly addictive and so are many of the flavor enhancers that are found in most processed foods. In fact, sugar and many of these flavor enhancers stimulate the pleasure center directly and consequently our ability to discern when we are full is completely compromised, essentially leading to overeating. So, eat foods that do not contain sugar or flavor enhanced additives," she says.

"Find out if you have any food allergies including gluten and dairy. From there, you must experience the benefits of minimizing these allergens before you can restrict them from your diet."

Ready to learn the secrets to permanent weight loss? Then find out more about "The Thin Woman's Brain: Rewiring the Brain for Permanent Weight Loss" now by clicking here.

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