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Thin and tone thighs and glutes with a Pilates stretch band

Say goodbye to thunder thighs when you exercise your legs with a Pilates stretch band! Here’s how to tone your thighs and glutes:
Preparation for the Side Leg Lift Series
Lie on your side on the floor with your head resting on your upper arm/shoulder. Your bottom arm and legs are stretched out in a long, straight line. Your shoulders should be stacked in alignment as well as your hips.
Bend your top leg so that you can place the band in the middle of your top foot.
Hold onto the band with the same arm as foot in the band.
Straighten the leg in the band making sure your feet are evenly stacked on top of one another. If you notice that one leg appears shorter, stretch your leg out longer from your hip.
During these exercises try to maintain stability by engaging your abs; don’t rock forward or backward. Think about your belly button pulling in towards your spine.
Side Leg Lift Series 1
Lift and Lower
Inhale: raise the top leg hip height (no higher than a few inches off the floor)
Exhale: lower the top leg down
(repeat 4-6 times)
Staggered Lift
Inhale: raise the top leg hip height (no higher than a few inches off the floor)
Exhale: raise the bottom leg to meet top leg and then lower both legs together
(repeat 4-6 times)
Double Lift
Inhale: prepare (abs engaged)
Exhale: lift both legs together
Inhale: lower both legs down
(repeat 4-6 times)
Side Leg Lift Series 2
Inhale: Lift top leg hip height (no higher than a few inches off the floor)
Exhale: Circle the leg to the front and around (repeat 4-8 times)
Inhale: Circle the leg to the back and around (repeat 4-8 times)
Exhale: Return the leg to the start position
Repeat the side leg lift series on the other side.
Bend bottom leg to make it easier to stabilize
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