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Thigh bone on Mars? NASA photograph sparks wild speculation

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Did a photo just capture a thigh bone on Mars? That's what some are speculating after an interesting photo made some people take notice. Though the item in question does look quite a bit like a fossilized femur, many concur, the chances of that being what it really is are certainly slim.

As Huffington Post notes, the “thigh bone” on Mars was captured via NASA's Curiosity rover MastCam. The image was taken on Aug. 14. While NASA of course hasn't referenced it as a thigh bone, the UFO-Blogger site has posted it and thinks that may well be what it is. The site also makes reference to fossilized finger and spine discoveries by the NASA Curiosity.

Could it be that there's a thigh bone on Mars? Is it just a random object, or is this a more interesting discovery?