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Thigh bone on Mars: Fossilized alien remains or just a rock?

Has an actual alien thigh bone been found on Mars?
Has an actual alien thigh bone been found on Mars?

For decades upon decades, people have wanted some kind of proof of any kind of alien existence out in the universe. On Aug. 21, 2014, the Huffington Post reported that the possibility was there as the camera on NASA's rover actually captured what looked to be a thigh bone on Mars. As time passes though, it's started to look more and more like it may be just a strange-looking rock.

The photograph taken by the Mars Rover shows some gray rocks scattered about and then what looks to be a cream-colored rock in the middle. That rock oddly has the shape of a fossilized femur or thigh bone right there on the surface of Mars.

Now, is it actually a thigh bone on Mars?

Chances of it being the bone of a human are next to impossible and incredibly slim. The chances of it being the fossilized remains of some sort of alien being seem even more improbable, but so many around the world are holding out hope.

Gawker reported that NASA isn't so optimistic about this thigh bone on Mars being any more than a familiar-shaped rock. They issued a statement saying the vaguely bone-shaped rock "is likely sculpted by erosion, either wind or water," noting that Mars "likely never had enough oxygen" to support complex life.

Scientists have seen the picture and aren't even trying to put much to the find. They're simply stating that they are nothing more than rocks.

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