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Thigh bone on Mars: Alien femur bone or Mars rock sculpted by erosion?

Curiosity rover sent a picture that looks like a thigh bone on the surface of Mars. Before the alien enthusiasts could get to excited, NASA had a feasable explanation.
Curiosity rover sent a picture that looks like a thigh bone on the surface of Mars. Before the alien enthusiasts could get to excited, NASA had a feasable explanation.NASA

When the Curiosity rover sent back one of its many pictures from the surface of Mars, an image of what appears to be a thigh bone has sparked some interest. Did the rover stumble on the remains of an alien, or a long ago astronaut from another planet whose journey ended on Mars?

According to CNet on Aug. 22, NASA is not offering up anything as exciting as that, they believe that the thigh bone image is a rock that was sculpted over time by the elements on Mars. The alien femur bone is most likely a rock that was eroded by wind or water.

This is not the first time the Curiosity rover has sent back pictures that resemble things found here on Earth. The pictures of a rat and the half-eaten jelly doughnut were just two of the past images to go viral that Curiosity sent down to Earth.

The Huffington Posts reports today how folks into the alien scene jumped on this image, like the UFO blogger who wrote about the Curiosity rover capturing an image of a “fossilized thigh bone.” Don’t forget many people believe that the truth is often hidden when it comes to alien discoveries, like the rumored Roswell, New Mexico alien crash decades ago.

Still, this latest image looks so much like a femur bone that it is hard to ignore the similarities. The bone is seen sitting within a group of rocks that seem scattered about with some half exposed poking out from under the dirt/dust on the surface of Mars.

Just as alien enthusiasts jumped on this picture, NASA bursts their bubble by reminding them that if they find any life on Mars, it will be small, simple life forms. The oxygen level on this planet can’t support much more than a simple organism, according to NASA.

This would make finding large fossils an impossibility. Many folks were hoping that the thigh bone-looking image was the start of a hunt for more bones that came from aliens on Mars. From what NASA is passing along today with their words of wisdom, finding anything with legs big enough to support a femur of that size on Mars seems highly unlikely.

Check out the image that looks like a thigh bone in the picture above. NASA points out that it is a bit crooked and twisted, which is unlike a thigh bone of a human. Since no one has seen the anatomy of an alien, this could be normal for a creature that lives on Mars.

Whose to say that a life form on Mars couldn't have evolved into large creatures needing very little oxygen to exist? Earth has a rover on Mars, so is it too far of a stretch to assume that another planet could have done the same? Maybe this is an alien bone, but not from a Mars dweller, but from a visitor from a galaxy far, far away!

As CNet suggest, you can “chalk this up to the human tendency to try and make sense out of random shapes.”