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Thieves steal 80+ cans of coffee from seniors, police seek info

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Thieves struck the St. Helens Senior Center last week – and the St. Helens Police Department is seeking information on the individuals who broke into the center’s storage unit. The only thing that was missing, according to Chief Terry Moss, was a large amount of coffee – 13 cases of Folgers coffee.

Between Tuesday, April 8 and Wednesday April 9, thieves broke into the storage shed at 375 S. 15th Street, and removed the 13 cases of coffee.

“Sealed in cases of six cans each, these thirteen cases of coffee would have been a difficult haul without a vehicle and some assistance,” Moss said in a press release. “Perhaps there is a witness in the community that could help us solve this case and return the coffee to our seniors.”

Manager Cheryl Young said that the center had stocked up on coffee during a sale, and they knew exactly how much coffee was in the storage shed. “We know it would have lasted well over a year,” she said. “Luckily they didn’t take it all.”

Young said that the coffee was stored in a locked storage shed and that the shed showed no markings to indicate forced entry. “It’s strange. All of the cases that were taken – mostly regular, but some decaf, were taken intact,” Young said. That is, except the last case. “These cases have six cans per case. In the last case, they took four of the six and left two in the case.”

Community members have stepped up and volunteered to purchase a can or two of coffee to help the center replenish their stocks, but now the police are asking community members to step up again if they know anything about the case.

The St. Helens Senior Center is a nonprofit organization that facilitates educational, cultural and social activities for members of the center. Membership is open to individuals 60 years of age or older. For information on the center and its programs call 503-397-3377 or visit the website link above.

Anyone with information on this case is encouraged to contact the St. Helens Police Department at 503-397-1521.