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Thieves drive through Houston storefront to steal, what else, hair extensions

A group of eight burglars smashed into a Houston wig store early Wednesday morning in a daring hair extension robbery.
Wikimedia Commons

Wednesday morning, eight people backed a pickup truck through a storefront in Houston. The daring early morning robbery is expected to have cost the store's owners thousands of dollars in merchandise, not including the damage done to the store's facade. What could have prompted these bandits to smash their way into a local business? Electronics? Jewelry? Not even close. So what was the target of the thieves' greed? Hair extensions.

Before the sun came up Wednesday morning, eight people back a beaten up pickup through the front window of Beauty Sensation, a wig and extension shop whose owners have a reputation for handing out "free food and beauty products." Police believe the burglars cased the business for up to a week before pulling of the robbery. The store's owners claim that the men were in and out in the space of two short minutes.

Kevin Kim, the owner's son, told reporters, “They knew exactly where it was. They threw away the cheap hair on the floor and they only kept the expensive ones. They were scattered around the store and they picked the most expensive ones.”

Perhaps what's most shocking is how unsurprised the victims seemed to be. "It's a hot commodity," said the store's manager, Deneen Jacobs. "I mean everybody's buying hair, everybody wants hair. And it's expensive." She's not wrong either. According to reports, some of the stolen hair can go for $400 a pop.

Houston police obtained security footage of the suspects and are currently following up leads. New information may link the hair extension bandits to a similar break-in at a cellphone store that took place just a few hours later.

The crime marks a surprising trend in crime this summer. Earlier this month, three New Orleans women were arrested after they pepper-sprayed and stun gunned a woman and ripped her hair extensions out before stealing her car.

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