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Thievery Corporation at Stubbs tonight

Thievery Corporation
Thievery Corporation
Thievery Corporation

The elusive Thievery Corporation will be performing tonight at Stubbs, giving a musical experience unmatched by any acts who have been together for 20 years.

Since their debut in 1996, the inventive duo has explored everything on the musical spectrum, from Jamaican dub to psychedelic space rock to acid jazz. Now they’ve returned to the Brazilian-inspired sounds in bossa nova, a genre Thievery has flirted with throughout their time together.

The release of their seventh studio album ‘Saudade’ this April proved successful on the charts and peaked on the Billboard’s Dance/Electronic Albums chart at the No. 2 spot. The track “Saudade” is Thievery’s ninth Top 10, tied with Armin van Buuren in fifth place among other artists with the most Top 10s on the dance chart.

Saudade is a feeling of nostalgia associated with the Brazilian personality and described as the love that remains when someone is gone. There isn’t a literal English translation, but it is often equated with the blues.

It’s a unique sound not like anything else out right now, with beautiful lyrics in French, English, and Italian, and pulling inspiration from Portuguese and Spanish culture, the album is a melting pot of enriched sound from all over the globe.

In an EDM world that’s so saturated, it’s refreshing to hear an entire album dedicated to a particular genre that isn’t mainstream. It evokes a human condition that normally can’t be conveyed through words. From the Italian-sung “Sola in Citta” to the French “Décollage,” each track conjures memories of pillow talk from a former life that no longer exists. It’s moody, ethereal, and sensual.

Listen to ‘Saudade’ on their SoundCloud here.

General Admission tickets are sold out, but VIP entry is still available for $137 online.