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Thief with droopy pants caught by police after his pants fall on the ground reported a strange escape attempt from last Sunday; Jordan Bodden, 19, a Florida man, tried to escape cops with his pants wrapped around his ankles. Witnesses saw him and an accomplice breaking into cars with open car doors. The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s office reported the duo had looted at least two glove compartments.

Jordan Bodden, 19, tried to avoid police capture after his pants fell to the ground.
WFTV.Com website

Authorities captured the duo and led them to a deputy’s patrol car. Bodden tried to escape by pushing the deputy, who had a grip on Bodden’s pants. After he escaped, his pants fell to the ground. The brazen thief ran for about 100 yards before his pants finally tripped him up. After authorities had captured Bodden, he tried to flee again. Finally, deputies shackled his legs.

He is facing burglary charges, one count of escape and resisting arrest without violence. Authorities placed Bodden in the Palm Beach County jail. Read more details about this not-so-daring escape at the website.

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