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'Thief' will feature political conflicts that will change The City

Class warfare rages in The City
Class warfare rages in The City
Eidos Montreal, Square Enix

Expectations are high for this month's Thief reboot, which is aiming to be an even bigger experience than the series has offered before. It's already been stated that much of the exploration to be done in The City will be optional, however we haven't heard much as to how The City may change over time. We recently sat down with Eidos Montreal's Daniel Windfeld Schmidt, who acted as lead level designer on this game, and asked how the player's choices will effect the City, and how the game will convey these consequences.

Large rewards are always accompanied with huge risks and [Garrett] often finds himself in the middle of political conflicts on these well-paying heists. As Garrett completes jobs and the story progresses, the world will start to be shaped by the changing political tide and overall unrest in The City.

As to how The City will change over the course of one's playthrough is still unknown. However, we do know that the Hammerites and Pagans will be returning in some subtle way, leading us to speculate whether their presence will have anything to do with the player's actions throughout the story. These questions will all be answered shortly when Thief launches for the PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3 and PS4 on February 25th.

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