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Thief On Skateboard Nabs TV From Florida Target Store

One of the sports items we like is the skateboard and love to watch the kids when they go sailing past on them in the neighborhood in Nashville. We especially like to watch the youngsters at the community skate parks or on TV when they seem to have no boundaries and can do such amazing flips and turns. It is a form of exercise we perhaps may never try for ourselves, but we can see the power it holds for skateboarders.

We have seen city sidewalks turned into ramps for the skate-board inspired crew around us, and all we can say sometimes is 'watch out'!

But this story 'takes the cake' in craziness, we think. The attached video is 'Thief On Skateboard Nabs TV From Florida Target Store', and we could hardly believe it when we heard about it. How did he avoid running into other people? Did he also steal the skateboard, else how did he manage to carry around a skateboard in the store without someone looking at him like he was crazy?

How did he get through the front doors without stopping? Lots of questions to be answered here. Check out the video and leave us a message in the space below.

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