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‘Thief’ dev: Reboot has the ‘DNA’ of the franchise, but also a ‘game for today’

What do you think? Tell us in the comments below.
What do you think? Tell us in the comments below.
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With worries from hardcore fans fluttering about, Thief director Nicolas Cantin has assured gamers that the series reboot title won’t differ much from the core of the franchise, according to a report today from Stevivor.

In a feature about the game for the website, Cantin said that he understands the consternation among the Thief fan base with the reboot because Edios Montreal had been there before with Deus Ex Human Revolution.

“But, when we saw the success they had, it put a lot of confidence in us,” Cantin said.

Cantin said he and the development team know what kind of title they have on their hands and that the Thief reboot will be a “true Thief experiences” that should appease all the loyal fans of the franchise.

However, Cantin said they’ve realized that it’s also a game that should be approachable for series newcomers, which they’ve allowed for in Thief’s design and development.

“… We also made sure it’s a game for today. It’s got great stealth challenges and a great story,” Cantin said. “In the end, the DNA is still a Thief game and that was one of our main focuses.”

Among those new features is the ability for the main protagonist Garrett to focus and highlight things in the game world.

But those new features are totally customizable, Cantin said, and if the hardcore wish for a challenge they can adjust the game’s difficulty levels.

“We’re confident that people will be pleased,” Cantin said. “If a hardcore fan wants a challenge, they’ll find it in custom difficulty. The custom difficulty settings were always there, and yes, they’re really going to challenge the hardcore fan and add to the experience”

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