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'Thief' designer calls Xbox One, PS4 and current-gen development a fun challenge

Thief will be available on both 7th and 8th gen platforms
Thief will be available on both 7th and 8th gen platforms
Eidos Montreal, Square Enix

The launch of new gaming consoles is always an awkward time for developers. Some manage to create content for both systems, while others keep their projects solely within one generation or the other. We recently sat down with Daniel Windfeld Schmidt, the lead level designer on the upcoming Thief reboot, to ask him whether releasing this title across platforms had offered any unique challenges.

Technically it's been a fun challenge to support current and next-gen, but we also made it clear to ourselves that we wanted the same core experience across all platforms.

Schmidt went on to list some of the non-gameplay elements that had been improved for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 releases. These upgrades include higher graphical fidelity, bigger sound banks for enemies, uncompressed animations and hardware specific input. He told us that, when combined, these elements allowed for a much more immersive experience on the next-gen consoles.

Development was made even easier by a strong technical team, who Schmidt says helped keep the production process transparent, allowing for Eidos Montreal to keep their focus on the player experience. We'll see just how well Thief takes advantage of the new hardware when it releases for the PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3 and PS4 on February 25th.

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