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They will scramble at Cog Hill

Scrambled eggs are not part of this golf competition.
Scrambled eggs are not part of this golf competition.
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Cog Hill Golf Facility will host a 2-Person Scramble on Saturday, May 17, 2014. This will be on Course #1. (Cog Hill is at 12294 Archer Avenue in Lemont, Ill.) Interested golfers should call 866-264-4455 to sign-up.

The entry fee is $30/team. In addition, participants will be required to pay the green fees and cart fees for this day. (Usually, the weekend fee is $35 for golfers who wish to walk and $52 for golfers who wish to ride.) This fee will include range balls, which golfers can use on the nearby driving range after the scramble.

This scramble requires no minimum drives. Men (under 55) will hit from the Blue teeing grounds. Men over 55 and juniors will hit from the White teeing grounds. Women will hit from the front teeing grounds. Teeing times are 11:30 a.m.-2:00 p.m.

Course # 1 has the following total yardages: Blue teeing ground-5,982 yards, White teeing ground-5,744 yards and Forward teeing ground-5,333 yards. This course has three, par 5 holes; 11, par four holes; and four, par three holes. The ratings/slopes are as follows: Blue-68.4/115, White-67.3/112 and Forward-70.3/117.

This tournament’s qualification does NOT require that golfers use cogs for tees. Golfers can use wooden or plastic tees. Golfers who have gold, platinum or diamond tees should not play this tournament using them; they should keep such precious tees in Swiss, bank vaults.

Although this is a scramble, golfers are not required to scramble their golf balls. There is no requirement that golfers certify eating scrambled eggs before they tee off. However, golfers may scramble to find golf balls that land in the rough.

Cog Hill will award gift cards to the winners. Cog Hill did not specify the gift cards’ denominations. (You can assume that they will be less than $500.)

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