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They wanted to shoot her, "put her out of misery"; Pup rescued, Sumter Cnty AL

"Carlie", They wanted to shoot her, but rescuer scooped her up from rural road, Sumter County AL
V. Burns

It was a cold, rainy day this past Wednesday when a small puppy was lying injured on the side of Carl Turk Rd, Livingston, AL, having been struck by a car. Local teacher, Valerie Burns, received a call from one of the people standing around the trembling puppy, saying, "We need to find someone to come shoot this pup and put her out of her misery."

One of Burn's students had happened to stop as well. She had advised the group of people standing around to call Burns for help, not to find someone to shoot the poor pup. Fortunately, Burns had no intention of helping find someone to shoot the injured pup, and offered to come right away and get her.

"When I arrived," said Burns, "I found a 14 week old, 10-15 pound puppy curled up in a ball and shivering on the side of the road. It's right rear leg was obviously broken. But as I approached the dog, she raised her head and looked me in the eye. I could tell that she was fine other than the broken leg because she had some spunk in her eyes. I let her sniff and lick my hand. The people were still standing around trying to find someone to come "take care of the dog", so I picked her up in a fleece jacket I keep in my trunk for emergencies like this. The little dog didn't make a sound. She let me move her, and I drove off with her in my lap all the way to the vet."

Livingston Animal Clinic veterinarians diagnosed a fracture just below the joint, treated the leg and administered all necessary shots, deworming and "fixed her up".

Burns said that “Carlie”, the name bestowed on the pup, was now in the loving care of the very student who had stopped that day. “ She will no longer be a cold, shivering stray on a county road in rural west Alabama. She has a warm bed and good care until we can find her the forever home she deserves.”

Sumter County provides no county animal shelter. The Livingston Animal Clinic takes in county dogs, informally, and holds them for seven days as a rule, unless injured or sick. Individuals like Valerie Burns do their best to rescue, pay for veterinary care and find homes for the countless strays and abandoned dogs in Sumter County.

“It gets overwhelming at times, the need is so great to help - so many.” says Burns. “Funds are greatly appreciated. Funds will be used for her spay to pay off the remaining balance so that I can keep pulling dogs off the side of the road before someone shoots them to "put them out of their misery.”

If you would like to contribute for “Carlie’s” veterinary expense, you may call or mail in to Livingston Animal Clinic, 200 N. Industrial Park Rd, Livingston, AL, 35470,, 205-652-9372 or by Pay Pal account:

If you can offer an appropriate home for this lucky pup, contact


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