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They say it's his birthday: Fans, friends honor Beatle George Harrison

George Harrison's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
George Harrison's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
Steve Marinucci

The Feb. 25 birthday of George Harrison is being celebrated by fans and friends around the world. Richard Porter of Beatles In, who offers walking tours of Beatles sites in the UK, told Beatles Examiner he added a special George Harrison section to his tours today with some special George-related stories on his tours.

“Like the time when the Rutles were filing on the Abbey Road crossing and were mobbed by fans. They didn't recognize George, who was standing by the crossing looking on,” he said. Porter said also repeated the story of how George Martin gave the Beatle a long lecture after their first recording session and then asked if there was anything they didn't like. “For a start, I don't like your tie,” George quipped.

George Harrison's official website kicked off the Feb. 25 celebration of his 71st birthday by announcing on Twitter today it was paying tribute to him with a short video, “Remembering George,” available on their website, that features rare home movies.

Fans in the U.S. have also several events planned. As we mentioned in our week ahead Beatles calendar, fans will gather tonight at 6 p.m. PT at George Harrison's Hollywood Walk of Fame star on North Vine Street in Hollywood, CA., for music and refreshments, including a special cake-cutting by KLOS-FM “Breakfast With the Beatles” host Chris Carter.

In New York City, the B.B. King Blues Club & Grill will present the George Harrison Birthday Show with the Godfrey Townshend Band at 7:30 p.m. ET. The event will also feature Joshua Greene, author of “Here Comes the Sun: The Spiritual and Musical Journey of George Harrison,” who will offer films and narration.

The second annual George Harrison birthday celebration will be held at 8 p.m. at the Abilene Bar and Lounge, 153 Liberty Pole Way, Rochester, N.Y. There is no cover charge. The event will feature music by Don Christiano with a little help from friends Tom Passamonte, Steve Lyons, Ray Paul, Steve Tortoretti, Bob Martin, Spencer Christiano, Dan Schmitt, Kerry Regan, Todd Bradley, Rita Coulter, John Dady, Steve Piper and more.

Beach Boy Mike Love has also released a new musical tribute to George Harrison called “Pisces Brothers.” You can hear it on the Rolling Stone website.

And, of course, there's Mike Geraghty's wonderful tribute to George that sounds an awfully lot like him.


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