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They’re Talking Away Our Guns

Who is taking any guns? When murders get apprehended, their weapons are seized. Okay.

From My Cold, Dead Hands
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And cities, often ones beset by gun violence, o have buy back programs. Municipalities pay cash money to folks who voluntarily turn in firearms.

With all the hysteria about government marching though the 2nd Amendment, this is not part of our history.

And don’t cite some instance in Georgia in 1863 when our nation was divided by war and some citizens were enemy combatants.

(Okay it was Maryland. The government sent soldiers door to door to confiscate weapons. Again, war.)

By the way, President Lincoln suspended many Constitutional rights, especially the First Amendment.

Back to 2014. This column is not going to cite examples of senseless and tragic gun violence. Because by tomorrow, there will be more shootings and death. Another family ripped apart leaving only grief.

The focus of this column is on the insanity. The late Charlton Heston famously declared that a gun would have to be pried from: “ my cold, dead hands.”

Or not.

Apparently one can be insane, violent, misogynous and illiterate and still possess a gun. Or guns. The sale of firearms is up. Less people are buying them, but current gun owners want more and more.

Recently a man in Maryland tried to sell a smart gun in his store. The upside is that toddlers cannot unwittingly massacre their families.

People defending killing, ooops the Constitution and the right to bear arms, descended upon him in fury. Some went as far as to threaten his life.

How dare you sell a weapon that can be safely regulated by the owner?

The merchant in question tried to deflect the assault on him by saying he’s not trying to take away guns from good folks. And them immediately dropped the notion of selling such a gun.

So clearly, the NRA enthusiasts have made their statement.

Guns but absolutely nothing smart.

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