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They’re coming to America

Riding the death train to cash in on the American dream
Riding the death train to cash in on the American dream
Photo by John Moore/Getty Images

Home don’t it seem so far away, oh, we’re traveling light today, in the eye of the storm, in the eye of the storm. That 1980’s song of Neil Diamond doesn’t seem so cutesy or patriotic today. Not with the flood of illegal young adults from South America that seems to have no end in sight.

Where are all these young adults coming from? According to the ORR (Office of Refugee Resettlement) the starting point for the bulk of these immigrants is Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras. (ORR) The job of the ORR as its name implies is not to deport but to provide legal services and make sure they are comfortable and safe in their shiny new homes.

Besides the obvious question of why do we need this taxpayer supported office. Why is the percent from Mexico so low? (2013 =3%). That is because one law Obama claims he can’t break is a Bush era law. That law would be the Dianne Feinstein sponsored Wilberforce law. This law pertains to unaccompanied children from countries other than border countries. This law doesn’t even apply since the rush to the border is not just child victims of trafficking and besides once we pay for them to meet up with their families living illegally in the US they are no longer unaccompanied.

The other question that comes to mind is with Mexico’s strict immigration laws how do they escape the federal police? These immigrants never intending stay in Mexico apply for a Regional Visitors card. El president Nieto not wanting the dregs of his neighbors staying too long signed a law on July 7th of this year to allow them 72 hours to make a run for the border. (Programa Frontera Sur)

Once these poor children raise the required $5,000 to make the trip, survive the Mexican death trains what happens once they are here? We know they are coming but where are they going? The first stop is to turn themselves in to the US border patrol. Then they are relocated to one of several processing centers. That could be the naval base in Ventura County California, Joint Base in San-Antonio, Fort Sill in Oklahoma, or Fort Bliss in El Paso Texas.

In these centers they are informed of their rights, housed, clothed, fed and given an Obamacare checkup. After seven days they are shipped to whoever claims them. (Sponsor vetting) Those not claimed like lost baggage are then distributed around the country. They could end up in your town courtesy of your local church. Or they could be sent to one of many relocation centers for further care. (Interactive map) If you would like to know how many are destined for your state and the anticipated cost it would be worthwhile to call the refugee coordinator of your state and ask. (State list)

No matter what you view on illegal immigration, they are coming to America. Looking at ORR numbers more than 75% of these “children” are over 14 but claim to be just under 18. In numbers estimated at 100,000 this year and increasing to 150,000 for 2015, regardless of the outcome of amnesty. They’re coming to America, never to look back again. Home a new and shiny place, they’re coming to America, got a dream they’ve come to share (yours). They’ve been traveling far, but not without a star. That star is the Obama regime.

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