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They're back! Hummingbirds, Goldfinches, & Chickadees! Oh, my!

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“All across North America, one of the sure signs that spring is on the way is the return of the migratory birds. If you are familiar with the birds in your area you know that the change can be abrupt: One morning, the bushes and trees around you are suddenly filled with singing birds that were not there just the day before. They have arrived during the night, following a combination of celestial (by the stars) and magnetic cues that are part of their genetic heritage.”

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Wonder which birds are destined for the Southeast? Northwest? Use eNature's migration map.

Hear a hummingbird's song and follow their travels HERE. American Goldfinch info is HERE. Learn about the Black Capped Chickadee HERE.

Watch and hear a birdhouse feast video. It's SPRING! Enjoy!