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They deserve a fight from our heart.

I guess you could say I have never really been a passive person when it comes to anything I feel strongly about and I do feel quite strong about many issues taking place in our world, I don't feel it is up to anyone person or group to do all of the actual fighting, it is up to each and every one of us to join that fight and do our very best in raising awareness each and every moment that we can. I know much of my passion comes from being victimized myself and the feeling of helplessness that comes with being attacked, whether by someone we know and should trust or by a complete stranger, being a victim is something you never forget and you can either let it break you or make you strong as hell, it can teach you if you let it to understand what others who have also been victimized feel. Even if the situations are different and many times they are, there is one underlying thread that bounds these people together, it is that they share what it felt like to be a victim, the pain, sadness, helplessness that came with the fact that we were victims at all. Those of us that have been thru any situation where we were made to feel as if our voices, our lives, our very presence on this earth were meaningless, also share that if we were lucky enough to survive being a victim, we will now always fight for others who have been as well. We join together even if silently and around our globe trying our best to reach out to others who have been victimized and say to one another, we, our voices, our lives, our presence, do indeed count, that no other person or act has the right to define who we are, or what we are now, or in the future to become, we have an underlying connection where no words are really needed that we understand each others pain and it is validated and we will fight to always stand up against those who are the abusers and say enough is enough. Whether child or animal or elderly no one has the right to put their hands on another person or living thing in an act of cruelty. We must speak up against these types of abuses each and every time we can, by not doing so we are in a way saying those victimized don't matter. To me they will always matter and I will always speak up, my way and no one else's. My own experiences I have taught me to be stronger, when they could have instead broken me for good, my compassion for any and all that are abused runs deep, I will never sit quietly on the sidelines and let someone else do more of the fighting than I myself am willing to do, each and every single one of us are different in our approach, maybe some feel more strongly towards a specific abuse than others but the one thing that should be driving us all fighting to make a difference, some form of positive change is that it is not about us anymore, THE SURVIVORS, it is about ending further abuses of others. We either give it all we can as often as we can or what is the point of fighting? Did we think the fight was going to be easy? This fight is going to be hard as hell and for those that are the victims hoping, praying that we don't give up because the fight is so dam hard, it is going to be hell on earth until this fight gets won, if ever it is won. Can we even imagine? do we dare want to, for a second living the lives of those that are being abused in the most horrific ways abusers can come up with, just how hard they need us to win this fight? by not fighting with all we have in our hearts the abusers will only continue to victimize, torture, abuse, rape, kill and many other things that THESE SICK abusers come up with to do to their poor innocent victims. Every second it is tiring for us, draining and heartbreaking as it is, it is nothing to the actual time spent as the innocent victim, totally preyed upon by the abusers. I am fighting as hard as I know how, I am one person, I am here for the victims of abuse, if along the way I make friends who are fighting for great causes as well, that is an added bonus but it is not why I am fighting, I don't need fame or glory or money to fight, my passion, compassion is my fuel, I don't need the approval or acceptance of others. I fight with what I have in my heart and my heart is my own, that is what they deserve, that is what I deserved and I will never be one of those who are responsible for making any other living breathing soul feel as if they deserved to be abused and forgotten about, made to feel as if they were just not worth my time to care. I will fight as loudly and strongly as I know how, my way. Totally and completely from my heart. For all those lost and all of those still living daily in fear and pain, I will die fighting, I survived being victimized to become the person for other victims I wished I had in my own corner as a victim. I promise you that.