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These handbags are biker chic


Designer J. Louise. Photos courtesy J. Louise

Designer Janet Louise Fichtner a.k.a. “J. Louise” is quickly becoming known as a take charge accessories designer who is re-inventing the category with her line of high-performance handbags.

Her bags are available in seven Colorado boutique including retailers in Denver, Ft. Collins, Littleton, Manitou Springs and Larkspur or you can purchase these American made handbags online at  or at one of nearly 30 boutiques across the country--including high-end retailers such as The Venetian in Las Vegas!

Inspired by the High-Performance racing vehicles her husband perfects in his Diesel Performance Shop, designer J. Louise combines style, function, originality and personality into all of her very unique handbags.

Derived from genuine automotive steel (yes we're serious) these bags are not only chic but durable! J. Louise values authenticity, so every handbag comes with a title and includes its make, model, year, VIN, and body style all signed with a greasy thumb print--no reproductions here.

 Janet recently introduced two new designs that are bound to turn heads:



Inspired tribute to her home state of Wyoming, J. Louise took the already fabulous best seller for the jlouise line and added the official Wyoming logo. Trapezoid stylish shoulder bag with diamond-plate and black patent material.

“Take Out”

“Take Out”
Inspired by sharing Chinese take-out with her husband in his diesel performance shop. This upside down trapezoid shoulder bag is made with cool carbon and aluminum car upholstery. Handle is attached by a miniature box end wrench on each side.


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