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In this world, sadness is necessary to get to the happiness. In 2012, 2 musicians met during a series of unfortunate events in their lives. They quickly created the group Lovelife. Lovelife music is far from an emo sound, but heavily emotional and vibrant with high quality production. I discovered their music after I recently heard a remix they did of Rixton smash hit, "Me And My Broken Heart." Now Lovelife is about to release their forthcoming project Nova, which is anything but ordinary. Read about the album as well as the past, present and future of Lovelife.

How and when did you come together to form LoveLife?

Ally (keys) and I (vocals) met whilst we were both simultaneously splitting up from our long term girlfriends. We were mutual shoulders to cry on. And so in the English winter of 2012 Lovelife took it's first steps. Frank (drums) and Sam (guitars) complete the quartet.

What do you Love most about Life?

Caramelized onions.

Your sound to me a dark and unique and i love it. where does that come from?

I suppose it's born from our personal influences. For me lyrically, our songs are entirely autobiographical. Musically we listen to everything from The Smiths to N.W.A and everything in between.

I actually discovered you recently when I heard an amazing remix of Rixton "Me and My Broken Heart". I was absolutely blown away. How did that remix come about?

Rixton called me up personally and asked if I'd be interested in Lovelife doing a remix for them. "Will you do a remix for us?" they said. I hung up the phone, sat down on my chaise longue and poured myself a modest (but respectable) brandy. I fantasized about the clubs of Milan, the vibrant side streets of Paris and the beach front bars of Miami all dancing in unison to the eclectic and unexpected collaboration between Lovelife and Rixton. So I stood up, picked up the phone, dialed the appropriate number and waited with bated breath until I heard a voice on the other end, "hello?" they said, "I'll do it" I said.

It has such a haunting feel to it. Is this any indication of what your newer music will sound like?

We're constantly changing and evolving, so it's really hard to say how our new music will sound.

Your next project NOVA is coming. Explain the journey and what exactly went into making this album complete?

Nova is our next single. It's about falling in love too quickly and the effect that has on both parties.

What music were you listening to while recording NOVA?

I was listening to Kip Hanrahan's 1990 experimental jazz album 'Tenderness' and also a lot of Stereophonics.

What are some new bands / singers / DJs that have caught your ear recently?

I like the new War On Drugs album, our good friends The Neighbourhood are about to release an incredible mixtape and also the new Tapioca And The Flea stuff is floating my entirely fictional boat.

Is there a special person place or thing in your life that pushes you to reach your goals?

Yes, there are two. Sacred to me.

Thank you for your time guys!

No, seriously thank you!!!

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