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These comics should last you until Wednesday


Oddly, B.A. is far less masculine without his trademark jewelry

Hey kids! Celebrate the weekend of unnaturally bringing back the dead with all sorts of comics. It's what He would have wanted.

A-Team: War Stories: B.A.

In this, yet another comic book tie-in to the feature film adaptation of the popular mid-80's templated action program, the formally Mr. T-occupied role of B.A. is explored in a comic that isn't nearly as entertaining as this.

Cloak and Dagger #1

Sure thing, Marvel. You keep trying to tell me that these two characters somehow exist outside of my Marvel Universe Series One trading cards.

G.I. Joe: Cobra II #3

Your favorite guy in the armed forces who wears Hawaiian shirts since "Hawkeye" Pierce continues his quest for revenge in issue the third. Thankfully cowriter Christos Gage cuts the story: undiluted Mike Costa is just too dangerous for most.

Roger Corman's Battle Amongst the Stars #1

Follow the adventures of Zed of Akir as he attempts to stop Remlar of the Malmori from wiping out the Oztems. I think these names were made up on the spot.

Transformers #5

More Costa! Less Hawaiian shirts!

X-Men: Second Coming #1

Is Jean Grey coming back from the dead like JC or not? The cluelessness and second-guessing begins here, Anything-Believers!


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