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These cars have gotten the old heave-ho

Cadillac CTS-V Wagon
Cadillac CTS-V Wagon

Will you miss them when they’re gone? Every year, auto manufacturers usher in a slew of bigger and better rides that they hope will “WOW” the masses. And every year, there are some autos that will unfortunately meet a tragic ending because they just didn’t generate enough sales. According to The Car Connection, here is a list of those vehicles that have been given the axe which they refer to as the “The Death List.” Will you miss any of these rides? If so, or not, sound off below in comments.

A cramped coupe that packed a wallop under the hood.

1) BMW 1 Series—A cramped coupe that packed a wallop under the hood but with less than exciting styling is not quite getting kicked to the curb so much, as it is has now morphed into a 2-Series two-door.

2) Cadillac CTS-V Wagon—The least popular CTS is a slick and luxurious jazzy mom mobile with alas, miserable sales figures.

3) Nissan Cube—A real fun head-turner that just could not keep those young’uns heads, turned in its direction.

4) Toyota FJ Cruiser—Off-road enthusiasts are probably crying themselves a river at seeing this modern day African safari vehicle get speared.

5) Volkswagen Routan—The four-wheeled crate should have exited from the minivan segment aeons ago!

6) Acura TL—The tekkie mobile just kind of got lost in the sauce, as the midsized sedan pretty much remained anonymous amongst its competitors and the lack of sales proves it.

7) Scion xD—The youth brand car will also be joining the automotive graveyard to make way for a new injection of Tuner Crowd-loving mobiles.

8) Chevy Malibu Eco—The sedan’s sales have lagged to a fare thee well reportedly because of its lackluster mileage, cumbersome handling and the fact that it trailed behind its full-hybrid competitors.

Will you shed a tear for any of the vehicles mentioned? Are you saying “good riddance” to the cars getting the axe? Speak out!

--Car Chick

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