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Theros preview leaked? Elspeth Ascended

Elspeth-Ascended - The real deal or standard preview season fake fare? You decide.
2013 Wizards of the Coast

Is Elspeth Ascended the first spoiler from the upcoming Magic: The Gathering Theros set? Leaked today with the original source apparently being a thread on 4chan, this prospective planeswalker has many members of the Magic community crying fake for a number of reasons, but is it possible that it’s just an incredibly high profile reveal far ahead of spoiler season? If you recall, Domri Rade and some other big ticket mythics were revealed far ahead of time via Craigslist when players were just starting to theorize about Gatecrash.

Elspeth Ascended


Mythic Rare

+1: Target permanent you control gains protection from the color of your choice until end of turn.

-2: The owner of target nonland permanent shuffles it into his or her library, then draws two cards.

-7: Put a 6/6 white Spirit creature token with flying, lifelink and protection from all colors onto the battlefield.

Loyalty 4

First question – Are we missing a comma somewhere? Second question – If this card were real, would Elspeth’s +1 make her one of the best self-protecting planeswalkers around? An opponent playing with a mono-color deck would have a nightmare dealing with Elspeth Ascended.

That said, until some further details are revealed there’s little point in too much discussion regarding Elspeth Ascended, as there’s a significant chance that the card may be a clever fake.

Like any great teaser, the image is sufficiently blurry. The power level of the card looks quite high and, if real, would almost certainly see some kind of competitive play. It doesn’t help the card’s case that one of the few current details (Elspeth’s presence) and artwork “just happen” to be involved in the set’s first possible preview. With these cards we’re generally happy to offer our own analysis, and in this particular case we’re going to join the crowd in the “fake” camp until other details emerge.

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