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Theros block reels and Elspeth's future

...Well, should've seen that coming.

For those of us who have been keeping up with the Theros block story, the Godsend books ended in an ambiguous but bittersweet way. Xenagos is defeated, and Ajani and Elspeth are reunited as old friends - but Heliod double-crosses his champion and kills her. What happened to her subsequently was unknown (whether she went to the underworld, or whether a planeswalker cannot go there) - until the Theros block reels were released. The first two-thirds are just the trailers for Theros and Born of the Gods - but the Journey into Nyx portion has some new material.

First, we see Elspeth's memories of Mirrodin, including Koth and Elesh Norn, her past trauma that led her to errantry, and then, at the very end, Ajani consigning her body to the Rivers That Ring the World. We're taken quickly through the treasury of the underworld, filled with the gold masks of Returned, and finally to a familiar-looking item, now with a death mask forged into it - Elspeth's very sword.

So this confirms that Elspeth is dead and un-sparked, though fully conscious in the underworld. Doug Beyer confirms that she could choose to give up her memories and become Returned, unless someone else gets her out otherwise. And that is what we might call foreshadowing...

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