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Therme at Bavarian health center Bad Worishofen links past and present

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Emerging from farmland, Therme in Bavaria is surprisingly vast.

Water, water - everywhere,

Built recently, this is the ultimate baden or bath envisioned by ancient Romans.

Therme means thermal waters. Here the facilities extend to saunas, soaking pools, and massage. Stroll among 15 different saunas, each offering a unique setting for sweat.

Nature’s energy has created spring water with a constitutional and healthy effect for your whole body. The special water comes originally from a depth of 1,100 m and has been untouched for more than 10,000 years.

Grant yourself the luxury of an extra bonus for your health in one of the four enriched pools of vital energy: brine, sulphur, calcium and lithium, iodine and selenium. Bath salts from the Dead Sea enhance one pool.

Resting for 10 minutes is said to relieve rheumatism, boosts your circulation and immune system. The trace element lithium affects your emotional balance and stimulates mental productivity.

Hot tubs, steam chambers, solariums, a Kneipp parcours, infra-red loungers and rooms of colour therapy are additional highlights in the thermal water. One area is exclusively natural: no swimming suits.

The thermal paradise is surrounded by a manmade lake (no swimming permitted). On the beach you will find the ‘hottest spot’ with the heat of 95° Celsius – the original ‘beach sauna.’ Relax in a lovely ‘herbal sauna’ with the smell of different herbs, enjoy a special fragrance in the ‘Finnish log cabin,' or take a hot break in the ‘gallery sauna.'

The smell of fresh bread enhances the ‘Backhäusle’ and inhale special aroma fragrances in the hot ‘Kelo-Stadl.’ In the lovingly designed ‘meditation-sauna’ guests relax while watching real colourful Koi carp in an aquarium. The ‘Alhambra’ gleams by the uniqueness of architecture, while the ‘blue grotto’ shines in a warm blue atmosphere

Refreshment for your water-weary body comes from two restaurants. And a bar built into the pools.

Admission to this water world is divided among saunas and soaks. Average cost is $25.

Located near the health resort Bad Worishofen, home of Kneipp nature treatments, Therme is a pleasant place to take the waters.



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