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“Thermal Mineral-laden Springs Baths Offer Health Benefits”

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Paso Robles is known as wine country yet there is much more.

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The historic Salinan Indians were the first to discover the benefits of the thermal mineral-laden springs in Paso Robles. They called it “Heaven’s Spot” because of its health benefits.

The benefits of soaking in hot springs stem from combining the hot water temperature and its mineral content. This helps the body get rid of toxins, increase circulation, relax muscles, act as a calming influence and more.

Before California became a state, mission records showed the Spanish missionaries traveled to Paso Robles every year to bathe in the hot springs.

Throughout the years John Wayne, Clark Gable, Judy Garland, Herbert Hoover and many others from around the world stayed at the Paso Robles Inn to indulge in the hot springs.
The mineral spa tradition has continued.

Today you can relax in a thermal mineral-laden spring’s bath and gain the health benefits without leaving your hotel room.

The sulfur, filled with a high mineral content, is naturally heated deep under the earth and brought up to the rooms. Most hot springs boast of their healthy benefits for the body.

The Paso Robles Inn is unique because they have private mineral hot springs therapy spas inside several of the guestrooms.

On the first floor, the spa is inside the rooms and those on the ground floor have enclosed spa patios.
You can take any of the paths that wind around the gardens, over the bridges and to the Koi-Filled pond.

Their swimming pool and Jacuzzi are near the large oak and olive trees which were planted in the 1800’s.

The lobby is designed with wooden beams across the high ceiling to have the “feeling” and “look” of the past. Just above the front desk, you can see a mural of the original building in the 1800’s.
Several other historical pictures adorn the walls around the main building.

Since the Paso Robles Inn is in wine country, the owners arranged to have 18 winery-themed rooms decorated by different wineries. When entering any of these colorful rooms, the guests are surprised to receive a wrapped bottle of wine and glass as a gift from that winery. There is also a card for a complimentary glass of wine when dining in the Paso Robles Inn’s Steakhouse Restaurant or Cattlemen’s Lounge.

The Paso Robles Inn offers a choice of traditional guestrooms, garden fireplace rooms, deluxe mineral spa rooms, deluxe mineral spa garden rooms and suites.

Anyone wishing to learn about the history of the Paso Robles Inn can arrange a tour. The Paso Robles Inn is in downtown Paso Robles, in wine country, halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco on California's Central Coast.