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Thermadrol Natural Diet Supplement May Help Many Lose Weight but can Cause Side Effects in Others

Thermadrol may help some people lose weight and define muscle but may not be for everyone.
Thermadrol may help some people lose weight and define muscle but may not be for everyone.

As Birmingham citizens ban together to fight childhood obesity, adults also take a closer look at their own weight. A popular natural weight loss supplement that is being tried by the locals is Thermadrol. Each person must make their own decision as to which to use or not use but information is the key to making an informed decision.

Thermadrol is a natural herbal and vitamin combination that claims to be the best of the best. It is comprised of 21 different herbs, vitamins, and minerals and it comes in pill form. Thermadrol contains no ephedra which can be dangerous to take. It can only be bought online. Health food stores and vitamin shops do not carry Thermadrol.

Do Thermadrol Herbal Diet Supplements Work?

The producers of Thermadrol make all kinds of claims to the power of their pill. Body-builders and people wanting to lose weight flock to buy it. At least that is what the company claims. It is supposed to burn six times the fat as other fat-burners. While doing this you will supposedly get some sex appeal coupled with large bursts of energy. Whether you will reap the benefits of gaining sex appeal or if your energy bursts are beneficial remains to be seen. That is mostly company hype. It is, however, listed among the top ten in diet supplements, and it has gotten many satisfactory reviews.

Facts About Thermadrol Herbal Diet Supplement

Thermadrol combines 21 different herbs, minerals, and vitamins. Amongst these are Hoodia Gordonii. Hoodia works as an appetite suppressant. It contains B vitamins and many organic herbs. Fennel and licorice are included. Three stimulants are the primary ingredients. These include green tea extract, hydroxy citric acid, and bitter orange. These stimulants are equal to more than 1400 mg per dose. A dose is 3 pills. Taking such a high dose is sure to increase metabolism, decrease appetite, and boost energy levels.

Drawbacks to Taking Thermadrol

Thermadrol pills have a wide range of side effects. These are mostly due to the high stimulant levels. Side effects such as the jitters, shaking, headaches, trembling, nausea, anxiety, and sleeplessness can occur. Because stimulants raise the heart rate and the blood pressure, people with these conditions should stay away from Thermadrol.

Dangers of Thermadrol

These diet pills contain ingredients that well known and respected organizations have warned about. Bitter orange mimics Ephedra, including the side effects. White willow bark, another ingredient, causes adverse reactions when mixed with common drugs such as aspirin and blood thinners. Thermadrol does contain some good ingredients as well. It has vitamin B6 and vitamin B12, as well as cayenne pepper, fennel seed and apple cider vinegar extract.

Warning About Thermadrol

Anyone considering taking Thermadrol should consult their physician first. Give him the list of ingredients that are in Thermadrol. Make sure there will be no conflict with medications you are taking or a pre-existing condition you may have. It is always a good idea to speak with a health professional before taking any diet drug, whether it claims to be natural or not. Natural substances have a real effect on your body and even if they have less side effects, that does not mean you should be taking all of them.



  • Scott Welch 4 years ago

    Jennifer Terry, do you work for the makers of Thermadrol? If not, then you should! You article reads like a giant ad! Show us readers just one research study on the finished product you're pimping. I've visited the manufacturer's website (or what appeared to be) and could not find one study on the finished product? If the product works, there should be at least ONE clinical study on the product that shows that it works right?

    "It is supposed to burn six times the fat as other fat-burners"

    COMMENT: Whatever! Love to see just 1 research study to support that claim! Stating claims like this (or even just repeating the claim made by a manufacturer if that's the case) gives diet pills traction in the marketplace. If this claim is true, let's see one study to back it.

    "Hoodia works as an appetite suppressant."
    COMMENT: Love to see research to support that the amount of Hoodia and the source of the herb they're using in Thermadrol, will in fact suppress appetite in a measurable manner.

    As a responsible journalist, I have to ask: Did you try the product yourself before writing this? If so, write about your experience with it.

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