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There will be rum!

Caliche Rum in the Shining Star cocktail
Caliche Rum in the Shining Star cocktail
Photo by Briana Young & Ramsey Rickabaugh, drink by Naomi Schimek

Note: unpublished the last Los Angeles Cocktails Examiner article written by Aaron Vanek. You can read it here.

There Will Be Rum!

by Briana Young & Ramsey Rickabaugh

Everyone remembers that famous line from Oscar-winning film, There Will Be Blood, where Daniel-Day Lewis hysterically declares, “I drink your milkshake!” Although, there won’t be any milkshakes at The Spare Room, there WILL be rum...Caliche rum! It’s featured in a new list of craft cocktails for Monday nights at The Spare Room, where you can couple your drinking with games and bowling tournaments.

Located in the heart of Hollywood, The Spare Room is nested on the mezzanine of the Roosevelt Hotel. It’s a popular spot, fronted by an impressively stocked bar, bathed in a facade of dark wood with a retro art deco vibe, crowned by a twin set of bowling lanes worthy of a 1920’s California oil tycoon. Aside from bowling, the next five Monday nights are game nights where tournaments will be held with games such as: Jenga, Go Fish, and Pin the Tail on the Cow, that offer the winner prizes sponsored by local businesses. For these nights, Beverage Director Naomi Schimek, has formulated four different cocktails that complement the vanilla and caramel notes of Caliche Rum.

Caliche Rum is a crystal clear spirit that is gently sweet and moderately spicy which coats your palate with a velvety texture. This rum finishes with the lingering of a soft citrus essence, hitting a crisp note, then cleanly disappears with light tannins and oak flavor. Its uniqueness is a culmination of three aged rums and 147 years of tradition. Caliche is great when served neat, or on the rocks with a splash of lime, but also really sings and takes center stage in the four specially created cocktails: The Shining Star, Whist, Caliche Sling, and Jazz The Glass.

The Shining Star is a drink that will put a smile on your face even before you take a sip, with its primo presentation, this tall frothy cocktail arrives set aflame! It combines Caliche Rum, passion fruit syrup, fresh lime, green Chartreuse, and egg white; a sweet and smoky drink that’s enveloped in frothy richness. For something less fruity, the Whist offers a more traditional flavor profile reminiscent of libations such as the Manhattan or the Old Fashioned. The aromatic concoction is formulated with Caliche, Carpano Antica vermouth, bitters and Applejack; a bold cocktail that finishes with the lingering taste of apples and spices. The Caliche Sling is another drink that, minus the bite, is a traditional approach to alcohol, especially in regards to the rum. The fresh lemon, simple syrup, bitters, and club soda come together to form a daiquiri or Collins- style beverage that is refreshing and bubbly, which is accented by Caliche’s unique flavor. Finally, Jazz The Glass, is a delicious mixture of pineapple, basil, house-made orgeat, fresh citrus, and a float of medium fino sherry. This drink is a fruit salad medley of deep flavor that makes it hard to have just one. And why not? All four of these drinks can be enjoyed for only $12 bucks a pop; a great price for craft this fine.

Caliche Rum cocktails are a sure-fire way to round off an evening of winning, losing, and plain old-fashioned good times. What better way to spend a Monday night than tapping into your inner child and playing games with friends, at the same time reveling in the perks of being a grown up by sipping on delicious cocktails! Join in on the Monday fun at The Spare Room.

Game Tourney Schedule:

  • February 4 - Go Fish
  • February 11 - Jenga
  • February 18 - Spoons
  • February 25 - Pin the Tail on the Cow
  • March 4 - Rock Paper Scissors

Disclosure: Caliche Rum provided four complimentary cocktails.


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