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There will be an 'Insurrection'

BOOM! Studios, Paramount

THR learned yesterday of a new comic book series coming to the big screen.

Paramount has closed a deal giving the studio the rights to Boom! Studios’ series “Insurrection.”

The story is set in a future where corporations are more powerful than governments and command their own armies. The armies consist of clones that, for decades, have been treated like a sub-class. That all changes when one man stands up and leads a revolution that has vast repercussions.

It is very similar in theme to the “Spartacus” show on Starz, but it takes place in the future.

The odd pairing of good and bad comes in the form of the producers as Michael De Luca (the terrible “Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance”) and Matt Tolmach (“The Amazing Spider-Man”) will be bringing the adaptation to life.

The last space action-adventure flick to hit theaters, “Lockout,” didn’t fare so well at the box office so hopefully Paramount handles this with care.

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