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There were some big stars at the Natural Products Expo West

Eat whole foods sans gluten
Eat whole foods sans gluten
Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

The natural foods expo West in early March hosted at the Anaheim convention center was record breaking event this year. There were some stand-outs for new or great tasting products to be had.

Purely Elizabeth, created by Elizabeth Stein, cereals were one and are made with oats, millet, quinoa, buckwheat, amaranth, hemp, kaniwa, flax and chia. She also has four different versions of granola including cranberry-pecan and a pumpkin-fig. The news is she’s hoping to appeal to those who don’t necessarily have to eat gluten-free. According to her, one of her warehouse workers “who only eats hot dogs” said “ I’m obsessed with our grains” which was music to her ears.

Another hit was WholeMe, a new company based in Minnesota that makes breakfast foods and grain-free bars. There is a Eatme cereal made from coconut, almonds, honey and seeds, a Dateme bar with dates, eggs, pecans and almonds, and a Wakeme bar with eggs, dates, nuts, cocoa nibs and espresso.

Lotus Foods is hoping to break into the ramen market with a gluten-free, non-GMO and organic ramen. Flavors include brown rice and millet, forbidden rice, and jade pearl rice. The single-serve size comes with organic miso broth which is intended to be a base for adding protein and vegetables.

Cup 4 Cup has introduced new gluten-free flour. Their original version of gluten-free flour contained dairy, and that was an issue for some consumers. The new version is called Wholesome Cup 4 Cup is dairy-free. They also have a dairy and gluten-free chocolate brownie mix.

Happy Family’s (a company that began with baby food) dog-shaped cookies named Best Friends are designed for toddlers and come in a chocolate-pumpkin or a honey-buckwheat flavor. They’re little but only ten calories each for the honey-buckwheat. They are made from different flours including buckwheat, millet and brown rice.

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