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There were several foggy days in Newark

During foggy days, trees in Newark seem to fade away.
During foggy days, trees in Newark seem to fade away.
Lucy Santos

How different the City of Newark looks when people and skyscrapers seem to disappear in the fog. As for the Ballantine House at the Newark Museum, it resembles a mansion form a mystery novel or a movie. All those iconic statues at Washington Park, Military Park and Lincoln Park acquire celestial qualities in the mist. Branch Brook Park looks like an impressionistic painting in the obscurity of the fog. Recently we had several foggy days in Newark. Fog is a phenomenon of nature that occurs when water vapor precipitates into minuscule liquid water droplets in the air. Fog forms instantly and vanishes rapidly. When there is fog, traveling is dangerous due to reduced visibility.

If you love fog, you will enjoy taking a vacation to Grand Banks off the island of Newfoundland, for it is the foggiest place in the world. In California, there are over 200 foggy days per year. The view of a New Jersey lighthouse in the fog is breathtaking. Seeing how our familiar surroundings change in the fog makes life less monotonous. Once the fog dissipates, the mystery ends.