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There were Cedars of Lebanon at Lincoln Park

This plaque at Lincoln Park states that the Lebanese of Newark donated Cedars of Lebanon to honor our American soldiers.  Today the trees are no longer at Lincoln Park.
Lucy Santos

Spring is a time of renewal, a time to plant trees to purify our environment and beautify our homes. At Lincoln Park, there were Cedars of Lebanon that were once part of the landscape of the park, but now they are gone. The Cedars of Lebanon, evergreens that are mentioned over 71 times in the Bible, trees that are native to Lebanon and Turkey, were a gift from the Lebanon American Society to honor our American soldiers.

These special trees, which date back to ancient times, were used by the Romans, Greeks, Persians, Assyrians and Babylonians. The Phoenicians used the trees to construct ships, houses, palaces and temples. The Ancient Egyptians used the resin from the trees for mummification. Cedars of Lebanon are the national symbol of Lebanon and are included on the Lebanese flag and the coat of arms. Unfortunately, these trees are endangered in the forests of Lebanon due to deforestation.

How wonderful it would be to replant the Cedars of Lebanon at Lincoln Park once again. Not only would the park look even more beautiful, our American soldiers deserve that honor.

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