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There was no winner or loser at E3 2010


Now that all of the major three press conferences are over, every major blog or game news consortium has been talking about who "won E3". While this is just another attempt to pass opinion off as news and insight a multiple click inducing comment war, it seems to this gamer that everyone is asking the wrong question. It's not "who won E3?" but "what are you most excited about."

While I'd never say something as trite as "Nintendo won e3" I did think to myself that Sony had a huge act to follow. Fortunately they did not disappoint.

Taking a note from Microsoft's 2009 press conference, it seems that Sony has been throwing a lot of money around this previous year to lock in exclusive content for several multi-platformed games, most notably from EA. The Playstation Move demos impressed me quite a bit as well. For a long time I've resigned from motion gaming, since I feel that games are meant to be played on the couch with a controller in hand, but I actually am considering getting a Move unit now. Games like Sorcery and Heroes on the Move have me interested enough to part with the $50+$30 that the Move setup will cost.

Oh and as far as the PSN Plus, I only have one question: Do I have to wait until the end of the month to sign up? 

It seems that each of the major three had something incredible to offer their customers, and while Microsoft didn't have the strongest presentation, it would be callous to say that they "lost E3". But that's just because it's foolish to say that there was a distinct winner or loser.


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