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There was a full moon, an angel and werewolves at the 2014 CMA Fest

The Music City community is embracing Angel Mary & The Tennessee Werewolves and all the howling and fur flying that comes with them. This year Angel Mary & The Tennessee Werewolves, also known as AMTW were granted their own booth by the CMA and they sniffed, howled and prowled about the Festival getting the attention of many of the festival goers.

These are pictures of Angel Mary and the Tennessee Werewolves.
Photo by Terry Wyatt/Getty Images
Angel Mary & The Tennessee Werewolves at the 2014 CMA Fest
2014 AMTW

AMTW are actually a father, son and daughter trio but their style and branding is so unusual and distinct that what they are doing is getting notice and their career is truly building momentum. I got together with them and talked about what’s next in their journey and this is a little of what we talked about.

First off you should know that when you meet AMTW in person, they will most likely, “howl,” hello. That is just their thing and it really breaks the ice. So the very first thing they did was howl into my digital recorder. I just love that.

Q Are you selling a CD at your booth?

A Right now here we have the bootleg edition. It is a special compilation for the CMA Fest right now. It is our first EP with some new songs added to it. We are currently recording some music and they will be ballads, love songs.

Q So this is your current CD?

A Yes, it is called the Bootleg Edition and you can get it at or iTunes or CD Baby or Amazon or all of those.

Q Are you working on another CD?

A A single.

Q Okay.

A We have been recording and doing some new recordings and deciding. The singles are like this bread crumb trail that one day will lead you to this massive album.


Q That’s cool. Is it going to be like a theme album?

A Well pretty much everything we do is a theme so I think that is how it is going to actually finish off. We have a ton of songs we have been working on. We just felt like we did, “Cowboy” which is kind of jumping and we did, “Folsom Prison Blues,” which is a little heavy for country and we thought, let’s put out a ballad and change it up and show the fans another side of us. We have fans that are writing us from all over the world now. If you haven’t seen us live, all you know is what you have seen on television or heard on the radio. So we figured that the fans that have seen us live have heard the softer songs so now we want to put that out nationally and internationally and let the world hear it.

I assured them that I believed the world was going to hear it and that they are going to become household names. I always enjoy my conversations with them and if you don’t know who they are, you need to check them out at their website or like them at Facebook.

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