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There was a 3-on-3 competition in Westwood, NJ

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A double elimination three-on-three competition took place at the Westwood Community Center on May 31, 2014. All participants received a basketball for competing.

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4th Grade Bracket

The fourth grade and under bracket had a lot of fierce competition. Six of the games ended in a tie that had to be broken by a shoot-off. The most exciting games of the day took place between Kaci Taylor Team A and the NJ Sparks. The championship game ended in a tie. The Kaci Taylor Team A won the shoot-off. This handed the NJ Sparks their first loss in the round, which forced a second game. The second game also ended in a tie and led to a shoot-off, this time won by the NJ Sparks.

The second place winners from Kaci Taylor Team A were Kaci Avant, Ta'Jahnay Williams, and Niax Rex.

The first place winners from NJ Sparks were Nandi Camerom, Samantha Ferreras, Leah Harmon, and Kayla Beckford.

5th and 6th Grade Bracket

The 5th and 6th grade bracket was won by Wood-Ridge White Team in a championship game vs. Wood-Ridge Blue Team, 3-2.

The Wood-Ridge White Team players were Emily Cupo, Samantha Eckert, and Angela Picheo.

4th-6th Grade Combined Bracket

The 4th grade and 5th/6th grade teams also competed in a combined single-elimination bracket. NJ Sparks 4th grade won this bracket. Wood-Ridge Blue Team came in 2nd place.

The second place winners from Wood-Ridge Blue Team were Jenna Castellano, Natalie Cala, and Skylar Basich.

The first place winners from NJ Sparks were Nandi Camerom, Samantha Ferreras, Leah Harmon, and Kayla Beckford.

7th and 8th Grade Bracket

The team: "#there's4ofUs" (pronounced, "hashtag, there's four of us") won the 7th and 8th grade division. Dream Team came in second place.

The second place winners from the Dream Team were Channing Digiacomo, Julia Mordecai, and Ore Agoro.

The first place winners from #there's4ofUs were Chloe Derian, Sofia Skinner, Cara Faulkner, and Emma Plutnicki.

High School Bracket

The High School Division was won by IYB. Playing for IYB were Sydney Coutts from Kinnelon, NJ, Olivia Eckstein from Kinnelon NJ, and Michaela McLeod from West Milford, NJ. They went undefeated in the high school bracket winning against Team Mix A Lot with a score of 5-1, Hasbrouck Heights & 1 with a score of 4-1, and then Hasbrouck Heights & 1 again in the championship, with a score of 2-1.

The second place team included Swati Shivkumar, Carolyn Clytes, and Stefanie Pagan, all from Hasbrouck Heights, NJ, as well as Liz Vargas from Midland Park, NJ.

7th-12th Combined Bracket

There was a mix bracket of 7th and 8th grade and high school teams. An 8th Grade team, "#there's3ofUs" (pronounced: "hashtag, there's three of us") won 3-2 in the championship vs. Hasbrouck Heights & 1.

The first place team had Sofia Skinner, Chloe Derian, and Cara Faulkner.

The second place team had Swati Shivkumar, Liz Vargas, Carolyn Clytes, and Stefanie Pagan.