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There's still time to get outside for Leave No Child Inside Month


    AP Photo/Amy Sancetta

Earlier this month, June was officially declared "Leave No Child Inside Month" thanks to a joint resolution passed by the Illinois General Assembly. The resolution supports the Chicago Wilderness alliance's Children's Outdoor Bill of Rights, which focuses on encouraging unstructured outdoor play for children--something that has been diminishing over recent years as children have been staying inside and spending more and more time doing activities like playing video games or watching TV.

There is an increasing body of research documenting the benefits of outdoor play for children, as well as showing the effects when children lack the opportunity to be active outside. So, it's more important than ever to get outside and enable children to explore the outdoor world. There are many events to take part in this weekend to support the Leave No Child Inside effort, or you can create your own. And don't stop once June is over--there's plenty of time to get out and play!

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