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There's something about Peeps

Peeps treats will be available year round starting in May.
Peeps treats will be available year round starting in May.
Photo by William Thomas Cain/Getty Images

What is it about Peeps? Do adults love them because they are a cherished childhood memory? A not-too-harmless adult addiction? No one really knows, but ask almost anyone about them, and chances are you will find a fan of these marshmallow treats.

You can now get them for a number of holidays—Christmas and Halloween and Valentine’s Day as well as Easter—and starting May 1st, you’ll be able to purchase them year round. The Pennsylvania-based Justborn Company, which produces them, also makes Hot Tamales and Mike and Ike candies.

Peeps now come in many more colors besides the traditional yellow and pink, and in additional shapes, besides the chicks and bunnies: there are green Christmas trees and white snowmen and ghosts, and even Valentine hearts. There are chocolate Peeps, and cherry flavored valentine Peeps dipped in dark chocolate, and even lemonade and bubblegum flavored Peeps.

But it is the traditional Peeps that seem to attract many adults, who buy them for themselves as well as for their kids (and what would an Easter basket be without Peeps?) They’re really just marshmallows with a fine sugar coating, but somehow, they are hard to resist.

People can be very particular about how they eat their Peeps. There are some who want them fresh, and others who open the package and let them age until they are hard as rocks. Still others put them into the freezer, so they can eat them frozen. Some folks like to float them in hot chocolate instead of marshmallows.

One fan admitted that the bunnies and snowmen were her favorite shapes, because she liked to bite off the little round sections of them. Others prefer the more substantial chicks.

A number of newspapers and colleges have held contests for Peeps in dioramas or odd poses. Peeps fans have joined in enthusiastically. Whatever causes the attraction, the popularity of Peeps just keeps on growing. And starting next month, they won’t just be for holidays anymore.

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