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There's something about Harry and he needs help

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There's something about Harry that Nancy Barnes of 4PetSake recognized the second she saw him. The small chihuahua/Jack Russell mix didn't have too many more days left in the world when a man stopped by the 4PetSake Rescue tent at the Petsmart Adoption Event in Taylors the first weekend in May and asked the group to take him in.

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One look at the dog and Nancy knew he was in serious trouble. The dog was severely emaciated, to the point of having pustules on his belly. His ribs were clearly visible and his muscle tone was poor. Harry was terrified, but he sat in the laps of the 4PetSake volunteers as they picked the ticks off of him, one after another.

Unfortunately, Harry's fear got the better of him, and he bolted for the nearby woods, with the volunteers in hot pursuit. The little dog was faster than they were and he got away. They continued to search until it was dark.

The entire group was distraught because they knew that Harry was in a very fragile state. Unfortunately, with dark setting in, there wasn't much more they could do. Nancy had her volunteers plaster the area with signs about the dog, and sure enough later than night, a woman called to report a "Harry" sighting as she was driving. She was unable to stop and pick him up, and Nancy and her volunteers were an hour away, and knew by the time they got there finding Harry at night would be impossible. They continued to hope and pray for a break, while Nancy watched the "found dog" ads on Craigslist and other sites in hopes that someone would find Harry.

Then the lucky break came. She saw a photo of Harry! She contacted the person who posted him, and sure enough it was Harry. He had wandered into the man's backyard to play with his two-year-old child. Harry apparently dearly loves kids.

However, during his adventure into freedom, Harry had injured his back leg. Nancy immediately had one of her volunteers pick up Harry, and she met the volunteer. She didn't even look in the crate when she picked up Harry; she rushed him immediately to the vet.

Harry had somehow dislocated one of his hips during his escape. Dislocations sadly happen easily when a dog is starved to the point that Harry was because there are no muscles to help hold things in place. The vet anesthetized Harry and tried to put the hip back into place repeatedly, but was unable to. Nancy had to make a decision on the spot: euthanize the starving dog, or have the surgery done.

Nancy knew funds were tight but she said a quick prayer that the community would come through to help Harry, put her trust in God, and told the vet to go ahead and fix Harry's hip.

Harry came through the surgery with flying colors. He is gaining weight nicely as you can see from the photos and his wonderful personality has come out. He is going to make some family a wonderful pet, and he will be happiest with a family with children.

Harry's staples came out Tuesday. He on on the road to recovery, and soon will begin the process for adoption.

Meanwhile, 4PetSake already has sepent nearly $1,200 on vet care for Harry, and that doesn't include his neuter and shots.

Can you help Harry? There's really something about him...

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