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There’s No News Like EXLEY News


Technology is evolving much faster these days and changing the overall way we live than most of us can keep up with. And since its now 2014, technology as a whole, whether via your mobile device, computer or other gadgets, has also been changing the way that we receive and interpret news tremendously, with print and other ways of media taking a hit in regards to sales/viewership!

The reason behind this "media hit" is because everything we learn comes more from digital sources as a whole than anywhere else. To look back and compare, in 2004 only 54% of Americans were found to have read newspapers and that number is still on the decline as only 23% as of last year (2013). Viewership of cable news broadcasting has dropped 50% overall and 60% in the 25-54 age group. What is even more shocking, 105 newspapers in America have discontinued since 2009, and sales in print media overall have plummeted 30% over the past two years; Even the top 25 American newspapers reported circulation decreases between 7% and 20%. During a recent study, 77% percent of Americans said they distrust news institutions in America - watch out CNN - and print media circulation revenue is projected to slip at an annual compound rate of just 0.2% between 2013 and 2017, helped by a 29.8% increase in digital circulation revenue. It is the way of the digital age and it also seems that people are now looking to each other (friends, family, and acquaintances) to relay current events rather than the morning newspaper. This reason alone is why social networks are becoming the thing of the future; 1.2 billion people worldwide were using mobile apps by the end of last year, and the masses are expected to grow at 29.8% each year to reach 4.4 billion users by the end of 2017.

Technology is meant to advance our lives, comprise it of limitless information with ease of access. This is especially important when it comes to how we get our news… We want to know what’s going on the moment it happens! The most popular news in America that people take the most interest in is entertainment news. Individuals in this country want to know what the newest trends in pop-culture, fashion, music, and film are. Readers especially crave to know what’s happening with their favorite celebrities whether it’s just gossip, scandals, or their latest project endorsement. If you could have one app and with one touch get all you want from your favorite celebrities the instant it happens, wouldn’t life be grand? And what if you could even be a part of the experience – even be the one who brought the news to everyone? With the right technology, this is actually simpler than you might think, and with this new mobile application called EXLEY, it’s for real. Our research has shown that currently on the free-market it's also the best mobile news app on any mobile device right now considering its capabilities. Through EXLEY, the world’s most important lifestyle, entertainment, fashion, and celebrity news stories are controlled by the consumers/crowd-surfing… It’s the very first of its kind.

Looking more in-depth to this new application, among its groundbreaking features, the “News Notification” feature sets itself apart from other media news and information providers to allow users (you) to follow existing stories through its entirety by getting push notifications as the story continues and evolves in the days, weeks to come. Most news outlets will follow a story for so long until you have to look to another just to fill in missing pieces of the scoop. Well, not with EXLEY’s consistency you won’t. Wherever you work, travel, play, you’re never behind on what’s developing with this awesome feature.

The EXLEY application has made a name for itself mostly though because of its call to "Citizen Journalism". Citizen journalism is a particularly neat feature where EXLEY has given the power to its users/readers. With a badge system, the app has been designed to filter out the garbage from the facts, stats, quotes, and multimedia that are most significant to the reader. With the geo-tagging feature that lets you know when and where the action is, and you can accept an EXLEY assignment to “cover” a hot event in your area for users around the world, or file stories that will influence the experience of users around your area.

Imagine you are the first person to spot a celebrity doing something incredibly cool or outrageously insane: Example, the app recently had a user upload a photo of 24's Keifer Sutherland passed out in a bed after a user allegedly had a sleep over with him. With one snap from your camera, a few lines written, you can upload it all to EXLEY’s app, then behold, you just gave everyone the latest scoop on a global scale before any of the weekly magazine and/or newspapers even knew what hit ‘em... Swell job, paparazzi! Once your scoop has gone viral, a little fun is added as followers get to rate or share the content for popularity and integrity.

EXLEY’s CEO, Tino Dietrich has mastered the way we get and share news by making you feel much like you are part of the experience, part of a celeb’s life, and not a stranger. Speaking to The Examiner exclusively, Dietrich says, “We are perfecting the way people can share their stories, news, and ideas. Taking modern technology to help satisfy a need that can be traced back as far as the old cave paintings when our ancestors shared hunting stories by scribbling them on the wall. That is what we believe is one of the most exciting aspects of our app.”

According to Dietrich, EXLEY is still on the verge of expanding the consumer’s media experience through innovative ways and pairing the app up with celebrity influencers and backers; the app currently has fans in HBO True Blood's Carolyn Hennesy, VH1 star Valery Ortiz, X Factor's Josh Levi and others in the Hollywood community who use it for their own needs. Dietrich states, “We’re in the works of launching Version 2.0, which will include a deadly, simple in-app system to post content, sharing your stories and ideas. And creating a system where the poster can monetize on what they publish based off of its viral performance, allowing people to share content anonymously as well.” Dietrich, who is originally from the UK, also has big plans as far as direction for the app. “Geographically, we are looking more at Latin America, but as far as subject/vertical we plan to launch categories such as lifestyle, home, and then some.”

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram – these are essential tools used to keep in touch with celebs and their fans, but they’re often information limited and aren’t kept up-to-date. It can also be aggravating having to sign into different networks to find out all the details about one person or thing; Nobody has time to browse TMZ, Perez, Huffington Post, etc., so EXLEY is your one-stop source for all you need and is the most innovative social network on the planet.

Get the fun, get photos, get news, get EXLEY. For more information on and to live the experience yourself, check out their website at or download the app for free on your iPhone or Android mobile device. Hopefully this app doesn't put us here at The Examiner out of business though!

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