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'There's gonna be a meeting tonight' the Mighty Clouds of Joy in Arlington,Texas

It was definitely a 'meeting' you wanted to make. Joe Ligon & The Mighty Clouds of Joy sent praises through the roof at the Arlington Music Hall last night in Arlington,Texas. The Mighty Clouds of Joy are always great to experience and last night in Arlington was nothing short of spectacular. Quartet gospel music is replete with living legends and Joe Ligon is proof of it.

Joe Ligon & The Mighty Clouds of Joy brought a praise with them!
Fred Willis/SoulProsper Media Group

Praise with a cause

The night was MC'd by radio veteran Antonio "AJ" Johnson and his baritone voice and comedic stylings kept the night moving at a steady pace in preparation for the 'Clouds'. The night was sponsored by Eyecrafters and the Rev. Jack Teeler. The concert raised funds to help the scholarship fund at the West Mt. Moriah Baptist Church in the Lake Como area of Fort Worth, Pastored by the Rev. Dr. W.L.D. Campbell.

The evening started off with Rashona Haynes blessing the crowd with her amazing voice and piano playing. From there The Jewelz of Harmony warmed the crowd for the legendary 'Clouds' and Joe Ligon. Haynes and the #JOH are working on their debut albums and both will certainly be a blessing to listeners everywhere. Make sure to add them to your collection as soon as they become available.

Everybody ought to praise his name...

The Clouds performed some of their fan favorites and as 'Frank Sinatra would say' they did it 'their way'. Inside their hour long set, they kept the crowd on its feet with songs spanning their 50 plus year long recording career. One of the many highlights of the evening came when the Clouds sang of their signature 'toe tappers' "Meeting Tonight". The seats emptied as the crowd rose to its feet and Joe Ligon hit one of his signature squalls.

The Mighty Clouds of Joy are proof positive that some of the best singers and names in gospel music exist in the quartet genre, with names such as: "Fantastic" (Violinares), "Sensational" (Nightingales), "Wonderboy" (Keith Johnson) and the "Soul Stirrers". Flanked by bandmates a generation younger than him, Ligon commanded the new look clouds with classic ease. Bridging the gap between the generations, the music was just as great as the singing.

The genre is truly incomparable and listeners are certainly glad to have many living legends like Joe Ligon still around to perform and inspire fans of all ages. The Clouds were mighty and the praise was high at the Arlington Music Hall. If you missed your chance to see them last night, they return to Texas next month. You can find ticket information here.

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*special thanks to Eyecrafters, The Rev. Jack Teeler, Antonio Johnson and Ray Barrett for faciliting coverage of this amazing concert*.

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